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We pay top dollar for all valuable scrap metal (in the form of automobiles… we don’t take old appliances or anything like that).

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What Happens to Your Scrap Car?

When you think about it, recycling is an amazing thing. You can take old items and use them for the making of new items. But how does that work with cars? What happens to all that metal you take to the recycling center? The metal you recycle today has quite a journey ahead of it.…


Don’t Have Magnesium? You Must Be Sad

Here at Clearway Recycling, it makes us happy when you give us your magnesium. This is not because we are making a profit on it – magnesium makes everyone happy when they eat it.     You might have guessed that magnesium is a pretty nifty element, but we bet you didn’t know that without…


The World’s Toughest Tow Truck

If you have seen one tow truck you have seen them all, or at least that is what most people will tell you. All tow trucks are pretty much the same thing, but have you ever saw the tow truck that is known as the world’s largest tow truck? A towing company based in Kelowna,…