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The Trans-Taiga Road: Canada’s Loneliest Road

Roads lead many places; you can typically take a road and always end up somewhere. Some roads are lonely while others pass through beautiful places. There is one road in Quebec Canada, that is known as the Trans-Taiga Road and this road has gained the nickname of the “Loneliest Road in the Canada.” The Trans-Taiga…


2 More Awesome Uses For Chromium

If you thought that was all chromium could be used for, you underestimated the incredible power of chromium. Here are 2 more awesome uses for chromium you probably didn’t know about.


Dumb Drivers Do Dumb Stuff

We have all seen those shows “World’s Dumbest Criminals,” and other such shows but when people crash vehicles for moronic reasons it not only can be dangerous but it can also be funny, after we make sure there were no injuries of course. Kick back and relax as you enjoy the next five stories of…