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5 Huge Things Trucks Can Tow

People often underestimate just how much your average truck can tow. Not only can it tow your car or your boat, but a good strong truck can tow objects that weight several tons! Some of the things that trucks have towed in the past have been completely mind blowing. Here are five of the most…


6 Amazing Industrial Uses for Zinc

Zinc has a lot of history, and it is apparently an element that your body has a really hard time living without. Not only does our body require zinc, but it has an incredible amount of amazing industrial uses. Zinc is used as… 1) A White Pigment in Paint 2) A catalyst in the manufacture…


The World’s Toughest Tow Truck

If you have seen one tow truck you have seen them all, or at least that is what most people will tell you. All tow trucks are pretty much the same thing, but have you ever saw the tow truck that is known as the world’s largest tow truck? A towing company based in Kelowna,…