Weather; It happens

Stuck between a rock and a hard place, or some black ice and a snow bank?

Our Edmonton tow-truck service is fast and efficient. Call us right away and let’s get you out of that bind.

Edmonton. Where the seasons are always changing. We can face all 4 seasons in the same week.

Call our Edmonton towing service today: 780-690-1203

  Old Junk Car?

Let’s get that scrap metal out of there. Our junk-car removal service is free and we pay top dollar for scrap metal.

Normally people like to get their yards and driveways cleaned up before the snow flies. Throughout the months of September and October we run a program/specialized service to efficiently remove junk cars and recycle them for their scrap metal.  Of course we do it all year round but because of the volume in this season we offer top dollar for your old scrap!

  Junk Car Removal

Send us a message to schedule your junk-car pickup or call 780-690-3104. Whichever is easier.

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