Everywhere you look you are bound to see a “Tow at owners expense” sign for something or another, whether it be parking where you shouldn’t or acquiring one too many parking tickets. Here are three helpful tips to keep in mind to help your vehicle avoid being an easy target for a tow truck.

  1. You have probably been told when parking on a hill be sure to engage your vehicles emergency brake to help keep it in one spot, especially if the hill is very steep. This small act could also be beneficial should your vehicle ever face the tow truck. When the emergency brake is engaged it makes the rear wheels lock which means the tow truck will have to lift the entire rear of your vehicle, and since most vehicles’ front wheels are attached to the transmission they too must be lifted. If both sets of wheels need to be lifted a typical tow truck will have a very hard time trying to tow you.
  2. If your vehicle is a rear wheel drive then this tip is especially helpful for you. When parking your vehicle always turn the wheels one direction or the other, but never leave them straight. This like the previous tip will make your vehicle unable to be towed the traditional way and will require both sets of wheels be lifted from the ground before trying to tow the vehicle.
  3. When all else fails just remove a tire or two, this is sure to deter a bored tow truck driver from trying to victimize your vehicle. This is a more time consuming method and it might get frustrating especially in rainy weather or cold and snowy weather, but if you are determined not to be towed this method might very well be the one you want to use.

Your best course of action is of course to try and avoid being placed on a tow truck driver’s radar but should you end up there anyways hopefully you remembered these tips to help make the tow truck driver’s job a bit more difficult.