No one wants to be in a crash but despite best efforts, a collision can be unavoidable. If you see a crash is imminent there are steps you can take to avoid, or at least reduce, the damage and injury risk.

  1. Control your speed. Speed kills. The faster your car is going at impact the more damage it will cause and the more serious the injuries. When you know a crash is about to happen get your foot off the gas. If you can brake without losing control or causing a skid then do so. Anything to reduce the speed at impact.
  2. Find escape options. It can be difficult to think about anything other than the impending collision, but assessing your options to avoid or escape harm is a skill that comes with patience, focus, and the ability to stay calm. See if the lane next to you is open or will the ditch be a safer place to end up. Sometimes the initial reaction to stay on the road might not be the safest and getting off the pavement might take you out of harm’s way.
  3. Avoid Head-On or Side impact collisions. The most serious damages come from direct hits to either the front end or side of the vehicle. If you can position to the car so the impact will be more of a grazing motion than a direct hit will reduce your potential of injury. Head on collisions could cause serious engine damage that will leave your car a write-off. A side impact leaves you vulnerable because the car is weaker at the doors and less able to absorb impact.

The best defensive driving techniques are not always enough to prevent a crash. Keeping your cool, staying focussed, and knowing how to react when a collision is about to happen could save you serious injury and save your car from serious damage.