People often underestimate just how much your average truck can tow. Not only can it tow your car or your boat, but a good strong truck can tow objects that weight several tons! Some of the things that trucks have towed in the past have been completely mind blowing. Here are five of the most impressive ones.



A coal mining truck

Ever seen a coal mining truck? They are absolutely humongous, weighing in at over 500 tons, and are usually bigger than your average two story building. In fact, they are so large, they don’t actually fit on the road, and regularly have to be towed from place to place because they are so big. Towing a coal mining truck requires extreme precision and driving skills, and often these trucks are even towed in piece by piece because they are so big.


A train car

Train cars, especially freight cars, are heavy, sometimes weighing in at around 100 thousand pounds. Sometimes trains get stuck, however, and need to be towed from place to place. A Ford F-Series Super Duty can actually pull train cars for short distances, although it requires a ton (no pun intended!) of patience and skill. It’s incredibly difficult to find traction on train tracks, with their gravel and uneven ties, which can make it hard to get momentum to pull the car. There are also specific train car movers, which are similar to trucks but are fitted around train tracks, that are used to pull larger trains.


Monster trucks

Monster trucks aren’t actually allowed on the roads, which means that someone has to tow them between monster truck shows. To get them from place to place, they are usually towed by a smaller and more road friendly truck. However, monster trucks are heavy, usually weighing around 10 thousand pounds, and the trucks that pull them need to be just as strong. They also are usually at least ten feet tall, which means you need a large platform for them to balance on.


Whole buildings

Specifically, the Gem Theater in Detroit, which set a record in 1997 for the heaviest building ever moved on wheels. It’s also the furthest known relocation of a building of it’s size. It was towed five blocks from it’s original home (which is now the location of Comerica Park and Ford Field) to it’s new home on Madison Street. The building weighed 2700 tons, and required 71 tired “dollies”, each about the size of a small car, to move. The building was reinforced with steel beams during the move to protect it’s structure.


An ancient Egyptian temple

The Abu Simbel Temple was moved in the 1960’s when the water level of the nearby Nile River began to rise, threatening to submerge the temple. It was dismantled, and moved in pieces by trucks to a safer location nearby, which had a higher elevation and wouldn’t be threatened by the river’s rising water levels. It was then reassembled, with the help of archaeologists and engineers.