Trucks are capable of towing humongous amounts of weight, and you’d be surprised at some of the amazing things that are towed using trucks. We already made a list of five huge things that have been towed with trucks, but we couldn’t stop at just five. Here are some more things you’d never guess are moved with trucks.


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Ballistic Missiles

Even nuclear warheads need to move from place to place sometimes, and when they do, they are moved with truck cargo heavy duty carriers. They are usually accompanied by a convoy for safety and security reasons. Intercontinental ballistic missiles can weigh several tons, and must be transported extremely carefully.



The world’s largest internal combustion engine

Also known as the Wartsila-Sulzer RTA96-C. They are huge engines that are used to power some of the world’s largest cargo ships. They are made in both six and fourteen cylinder versions, and can weigh up to 2300 tons. It has a length of 89 feet, and a height of 44 feet. They are towed from the assembly centers to the boats they are placed in by trucks such as the Mercedes Actros, which are commonly used to tow some of the world’s heaviest objects.



Cargo Planes

A Nissan Patrol SUV set the Guinness World Record for heaviest plane ever towed in 2013. The plane was a Iluyshin Il-76 cargo plane, weighing in at 170.9 tons, and was completely laden with cargo during the time the record was set. The plane was towed for 50 meters to set the world record. It is one of the biggest planes in the world. The record was set for the Nissan Patrol Challenge, which was held at Dubai International Airport, and tested the Nissan Patrol SUV in a variety of different ways. While planes are usually fine moving on their own, it is still impressive that they can be towed when necessary.




The Saturn V Rocket

The Saturn V was used during the Apollo missions of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. It was the only rocket to ever take humans to the moon. It is also considered the tallest, heaviest, and most powerful rocket ever used, even forty years after it’s last mission. To move the rockets around Cape Canaveral, NASA used M26 tanks that were leftover from World War II. The rocket was massive, weighing in at over 650 thousand tons without fuel.




The Space Shuttle

More recently, man has been able to get to space through the space shuttle, which has been used for space research as recently as 2011. However, space shuttles can’t move around by themselves on land, which means they need something to tow them. Enter the Toyota Tundra, which towed the space shuttle to the California Space Center after it’s retirement. The space shuttle was also towed back and forth between the runway at Cape Canaveral and the Vehicle Assembly Building, so it could be prepared for future missions.