It’s really hard to please everyone. Especially in this business. However, ICE TOWING really wants to try, and for that reason we would like to invite you to post your reviews and your experience with our tow truck drivers. Tell us how we are doing.

We would love to hear from you, tell us your experiences. What can we do to improve?

3 thoughts on “Reviews & Feedback

  1. mel

    i called sam for the second time this year to help me fix a flat tire. he came and fixed it really quickly and was affordable. THANK YOU SAM!

  2. Richard Jones

    I called these guys last week to come and pick up an old F150 that has been rotting in my back yard for a few years. Sam came with his equipment and took the vehicle right away. I was not expecting to get anything for my old truck but he gave me some money. He was very kind and had a positive attitude even when there were some complications navigating to the truck with his tow truck. I recommend Sam to all my friend.

  3. Peter

    Thanks for helping me with my truck the other day. I really appreciate it!

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