If you have seen one tow truck you have seen them all, or at least that is what most people will tell you. All tow trucks are pretty much the same thing, but have you ever saw the tow truck that is known as the world’s largest tow truck?

A towing company based in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, known as Mario’s Towing has pulled out all the stops by custom ordering a $1 million dollar tow truck for their towing company. The tow truck which was built in Quebec, Canada took almost a full year to build. The massive tow truck boasts an 80 ton boom with a 60K winch package on the back, the largest ever made by a factory.

The tow truck can easily list and tow a big rig truck or your 320 ton mining truck if need be, you can see pictures of the tow lifting many heavy items to show its strength and ability. The company who owns the truck says it is handy to have and will be used should the need arise.

The truck when viewed from the street looks like a typical 18 wheeler big rig, but with the tow package on the back. This helps give the tow truck the ability to haul pretty much any vehicle out there on the road today. The towing demands are changing this this world every day, and Mario’s Towing has the right idea to be prepared for those “just in case” situations.